What do you think about when you hear the word “surrender”?

For some, it is a scary word that conjures images of, say, being mugged and giving up your wallet to a robber with a gun.  In this context, it is the language of defeat.

For others the pendulum may swing hard the other way, and they see “surrender” as a giving-in to any and all desires, without regard for consequences.

In the center lies conscious surrender.  This is something I talk about with clients often — a conscious process of letting go, of giving up the idea that we have to consistently curate our lives to be perfect, or be in complete control of ourselves, our futures and everything around us all the time.  In our private conversations the sentences follow their own path relative to the client’s needs, which can make explaining surrender for the masses difficult.

However, I just found this wonderful list of steps written by Dr. Deepak Chopra that sums it up beautifully.  He writes,

  1.  You relax and relinquish the desire to control.
  2.  You trust that you are cherished in creation, and you act on that trust.
  3.  You accept your own being as a source of infinite intelligence.
  4. You approach every problem as having a level of solution that can be found.
  5. You focus on personal growth, which is eternal, and minimize personal setbacks, which are temporary.
  6. You ask for and receive support from Nature.
  7. You resist the endless demands and unceasing insecurity of the ego.

Could it be any more beautiful than that?


During sessions, I have sometimes seen visions of clients drowning in water, struggling to keep their chins or noses above the surface.  In these instances, the Divine regularly shows me the solution — stop struggling, lean back and just float.  Trust that the water can hold you up as easily as it can pull you downward.  Stop flailing, surrender and be supported.

I know it probably sounds bizarre to someone who hasn’t experienced a session with me yet, but the Divine Energy encourages me to share these visions with the client, and then we usually have a chat about surrender.  To me, surrender means trusting that life will be alright — not perfect, but alright — even if I don’t work to exert control and perfection over every aspect of my life (including other people!)


Happy back-floating,

Jessica xoxo