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Jessica Sharp, TJT, RMT

Weighing In On Witchcraft

Witches are having A Moment™. It’s no surprise that with the crude scaffolding holding up the patriarchy being exposed and beginning to sway, that people would start to reclaim their connection to the natural world.  It’sno surprise that learning about ancient... Continue Reading →

What Is Distance Reiki? How Does It Work?

If you're curious how Reiki works when your practitioner is not in the room, read on... Simply put, Reiki is an energy modality. Energy is just as real as matter, but does not have to follow the same rules and... Continue Reading →

Meditations and Intentions on My 3rd Year of Teaching

In just a few short minutes I'll begin my third year of teaching new practitioners. It gets easier and the imposter syndrome is lessened every year, but one thing that doesn't change is the exhiliration and my intentions. This year... Continue Reading →

Reiki and Christianity: How Does That Work?

It is the holiness of our existence, not our belief systems, that enables us to connect with Greater for our own greater good.

In-Depth Reiki Practitioner Training — Second Class Being Added!

^^ The Name Says It All: Comprehensive Career Training in Reiki Healing, Now Accepting New Students True Story: I only teach one practitioner class per year and I only take 5 students per year.... until now.Five is the maximum number... Continue Reading →

What’s in an Altar?

A non-expert guide to creating a sacred space in your home.

Comfort the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable.

What does being a healer really mean to you?

How Low Have We Set The Bar?

I want to tell a story. It’s a story I've never told because it risks sounding like I’m venturing into performative allyship, which I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid in the last few years. But in this moment, when... Continue Reading →

Difficult Decisions

Welp.Here we are.It's with a very heavy heart that I have decided to conduct my work 100% remotely until May of 2021. This means that all in-person classes are also cancelled.This isn't a sign-off -- I'm still working! My available... Continue Reading →

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