Here’s what satisfied clients are saying about Gentle Hands Reiki!

“Today was my first day as a patient here. I was a bit nervous and didn’t know a lot about it as a whole. Even though I was a bit worried I had an excellent experience. There was a lot of care and professionalism during my appointment. I feel that progress and positivity evolved within myself from the beginning to the end of the appointment. I highly recommend Jessica! She is great, thorough and truly phenomenal at what she does.” ~ Luke G.

“Jessica was kind, gentle, and compassionate. My first reiki experience, and she spent time talking with me about what to expect and gave a summary afterwards of what she felt. I left feeling peaceful and relaxed.” ~ Hope H.

“Jessica is wonderful! No matter how much stress I walk in with, she always manages to bring me to a calm, relaxed state. She’s very caring, understanding, and compassionate and I felt comfortable with her immediately. I highly recommend her – she’s got a wonderful gift!” ~ Alyson C.

“I have been struggling a bit with some mental health issues as well as some physical ailments and a ton of stress. After meeting with Jessica and receiving Reiki twice, I can honestly say it helped me tremendously. I felt extremely relaxed, safe and comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend getting some Reiki done with Jessica. She is not only a phenomenal practitioner but also an incredible person.” ~ Brooke Z.

“I was a bit skeptical, but have been having such a hard time with anxiety and depression that I wanted to give it a try. Jessica was amazing and put my anxiety to ease. I could feel a difference walking out than when I came in. I plan on going once a month. Jess’s loving spirit shines through and you can see her love for what she does. She truly cares about her clients and I am so grateful for her.~ Kate C.

Reiki helped me during a bout of depression. It feels wonderful. It uplifts the spirit. I plan to have more in the future as my schedule allows. I hope everyone has an opportunity to try it.”   ~ Lisa D.

“What an awesome experience to have found such skilled hands… Jessica, you are heaven sent.  I highly recommend your work to others, keep it up!”  ~ Christian G.

“One week from mini-session at Main St. Festival, I can report that I’ve only had 2 serious twinges of pain (as opposed to flare-ups every day starting at 11am and lasting all day). Whatever magic you laid on me seems to have really made a startling difference. Thank you, thank you!”  ~ Megan W.

“‘Gentle Hands’ is exactly what you receive from Jessica. Her brand of touch eases you into calm relaxation, leaving you feeling special, cared for, and warm. Reiki from Jessica is a wonderful yet powerful solution for relieving pain, stress and anxiety. An added bonus is Jessica’s easy after-care tips on how to gently care for yourself. A wonderful introduction to self-care. Powerful ….. I will be back.”  ~ Paula H.