Sometimes it’s easier to speak than to write, especially about Reiki and healing.  When my words tumble out faster than my fingers can type them, I fire up the camera (even though I hate being on camera!)

***  GUESS WHAT, I am terrible at technology and there are a bunch of videos on my YouTube Channel that I can’t upload here!  So please, please visit my YouTube Channel for more videos than what you see here. ***

The Spirit Whispers is a series of videos I began to share some of the wisdom that comes through from the Divine during Reiki sessions.  I find the wisdom of Spirit to be almost more important to the healing session than the Reiki bodywork itself.  It is a joy to be so connected with the Divine as to be able to pass along these gems.  You can find more SpiritWhispers videos on my YouTube Channel.

Villian Mentality: This video is about how my own negative views of my younger self were keeping me entrenched in self-hatred.  I realized through meditation and active imagination that I can’t love myself fully in the present by hating who I was in the past!

Real vs. #Real:

Do you sometimes struggle with low self-worth, especially when everyone on social media seems to have it all together?  Friend, pull up a seat and press play.