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Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs may help answer some of the questions surrounding this wonderful and somewhat mysterious healing practice.

  • The first session is called an intake session and lasts two hours. The client fills out a form listing their basic medical history and their wellness goals, then we have a chat about their physical and emotional health. I may ask questions such as, How are things at home?, How often do you drink or smoke?, Do you have any past injuries? and How is your work life? I try to gauge the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of a client first.

    After the intake chat, I have the client lay on a table in whatever position is most comfortable and begin what is called “scanning”. This involves running my hand over the client’s body, but a few inches away. Unlike a massage therapist who would be feeling for knots or tension, I am feeling for energy excesses and deficiencies, which can be sensed without touching the body.

    After scanning for problems, I do a “general fill”. This involves pulling Reiki energy from Source and channeling it into the client’s body. I usually do so by holding my hands a few inches away from the client’s solar plexus.

    The rest of the session is spent trying to soothe any pains caused by blockages and nurture the client’s own energy and chakras. I also aim to balance the client’s flow of energy, allowing the body’s natural healing abilities to engage.

    For a even-more detailed description of an intake session, please visit “What To Expect When You Work With Me.”