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Asynchronous Reiki Training Program

Registration is now open for 2022-23. 

Please read the FAQ before signing up!

What is Asychronous Reiki Training?

Async Training is 1:1 mentorship for students who can’t attend in-person classes due to location or time constraints.

Access to recorded comprehensive classes offers certification in Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I, Level II and Master Level, as well as support as students grow in their sensitivity and Reiki skills.  We also meet 1:1 monthly to go over materials and practice together.  This is an online course designed especially for people who want to become professional practitioners. Students will receive 8 separate Reiki attunements, one for each chakra and a culminating Master Level attunement.

Topics include energy sensing, intuitive sensing, symbols, embodying, extractions, energetic anatomy, shielding, ethics, cancer treatment, auto-immune treatment, reproductive health, best practices for trauma and addiction recovery, treating children and the elderly, avoiding self-sabotage, how to open a Reiki business and more. 

This truly is a mentorship program.  Despite not attending the live classes, async students’ energy is intentionally included in all gatherings, meditations and attunements.  Entering this class connects you with a network of other students and social media support system.  Jessica Sharp is available after the certification process for advice as you begin to launch your own practice.

Register here, but please read the FAQ, About Jessica and testimonial below as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

About Your Instructor, Jessica Sharp

I completed my RMT certification in 2013 following a 1-year training program, and since then I have loved bringing the transformative healing power of Reiki to my clients and students. Even though I am technically a Reiki Master, I don’t use that term to describe myself because I am always growing in my skills and abilities.

Teaching Reiki is my passion and dharma, and I absolutely LOVE teaching in a long format.  In this class I emphasize passing on what I learned in my own apprenticeship, plus my depth of knowledge and experience, including lessons learned the hard way, over my 9 years as a full-time professional Reiki practitioner and teacher.

I am certified in Alchemical Alignment: Bodywork for Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and have been trained in SEVA Acupressure Release techniques.  I weave these modalities into my session organically as needed, and pass the knowledge and insight gained from this blending of skills on to my students.

Please use the Contact Form or reach me at 443-766-0894 if you have any other questions, and thank you!

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Student Testimonials:

“Jessica is so supportive and motivating! This is a pretty in depth experience and well worth the time and $$$!” ~ Lisa B.

“I knew that this class would be transformative for me, what I did not know was how.  The deep personal healing that is taking place while learning was incredibly unexpected.  It’s hard, very hard, but it’s so worth it. I feel beyond blessed that my guides led me to you – they are so smart, they led me to someone who made me feel safe, someone who created an environment where I feel heard and can learn and practice with so much freedom.  I needed this so much and did not even realize it until now.” ~ Melissa S.

“Jessica is the real deal, as a healer, a mentor, and a guide. Highly recommend studying with her!” ~ Stephanie D.

“I have never felt so supported in standing up and showing up as myself. Thank you so much for being a guide for us all- you have truly created something special in this program and I am so glad the universe brought me your awesomeness. I hope that if you ever doubt yourself, as we all do from time to time, you will read this and remember what a profound influence you have had on my life as a friend and mentor. Thank you <3” ~ Crystal A.