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Jessica Sharp, TJT, RMT



Difficult Decisions

Welp.Here we are.It's with a very heavy heart that I have decided to conduct my work 100% remotely until May of 2021. This means that all in-person classes are also cancelled.This isn't a sign-off -- I'm still working! My available... Continue Reading →

Stepping Out on Faith. I Can’t Decide Whether to Laugh or Cry.

If you’re not a practitioner, can you still “do Reiki”?

This is a bit of a trick question. The answers depend on your intention. If your intention is to run a business then yes, you need training.However, what if you haven't studied Reiki but you want to help a hurting... Continue Reading →

Guided Meditation for Psoas Muscle, Inner Child and Heart Chakra Healing

4 FREE Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Small Businessowners

There have been a lot of ideas floating around in the ether about how to help small businesses like mine -- who all of a sudden are having to shift completely online (and waaaay out of our comfort zones) --... Continue Reading →

Befriending the Body

Finding Footing in a Virtual Economy

TL;DR: Irony and fears about money. I'm trying to put myself on a schedule of only doing 1-2 work "things" per day. Like all small business owners right now I do have moments where I freak out about money, and... Continue Reading →

When Almost Nothing is More Than Enough.

I work with traumatized individuals a lot, and it's important to realize that trauma is a spectrum. People's reactions and energetic anomalies in response to traumatic events are subjective and non-linear. As such, the healer's methods need to be just... Continue Reading →

Is Reiki Sex Work?, Part 2

In my earlier post, "Is Reiki Sex Work?", I cheekily outlined best behavior Do's and Don'ts for potential clients on how to speak appropriately to both Reiki healers and sex workers (hint: treat them both respectfully.) However, I don't want... Continue Reading →

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