A wisdom message from The Divine:

A few weeks ago I was working with a client whose energy held a desire to just hurry up and get through an uncomfortable, sad process. We were both in awe-surprise when the Divine dropped this message into my brain: “The Moon doesn’t rush to get full.”

Meaning, be present through the tough process. Allow yourself to feel the discomfort as it comes, acknowledge and hold it, understand it as much as you can, and then let it go when you’re ready. Rushing through in an attempt to stave off pain will not “fix” things the way you think.  The pain can’t be lessened or avoided, and you’ll only lose the opportunity for deeper growth and understanding.

Not only that, but you can’t “escape” the pain by rushing.  This was the biggest theme of the story:  that pain will just be waiting for you in some different way, shape or form later on.  It cannot be avoided.  You will have to deal with this present discomfort somehow, some way.  So why not now?

Yes, grieving and change are painful.  Yes, they are unpleasant, and in a society which still (for now) promotes the toxic idea that constant happiness is ideal, leaning in to discomfort can be lonely.  But by remaining present through pain, by resisting the urge to close our eyes, fold our arms, put our heads down and just run through the storm, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow.

“The Moon doesn’t rush to get full.”  Wow.  I bow in deep gratitude to the Divine and Its wisdom, and for the blessings to be able to receive these words.

*this story is shared with the permission of the client.