In my earlier post, “Is Reiki Sex Work?”, I cheekily outlined best behavior Do’s and Don’ts for potential clients on how to speak appropriately to both Reiki healers and sex workers (hint: treat them both respectfully.)

However, I don’t want to give the impression that genuinely seeking out Reiki healing for a sexual dysfunction problem is wrong or inappropriate. Reiki can be a very helpful component of healing when it comes to sexual anomalies and symptoms. My personal work experience includes clients (of all genders) suffering from porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, sexual shame, STDs, grappling with repressed queerness, and even the inability to engage in intercourse or complete intercourse to orgasm because of intense pain and mobility problems.

In these instances, I discuss the symptoms and emotions with my clients in ways that put their comfort and dignity first. Comfort and dignity should always come first. If they are comfortable with talking, we discuss origins, experiences and sometimes even brainstorm other positions and ways to engage in pleasure and intercourse that would not result in pain. I have no qualms about discussing sex openly and honestly with my clients and helping them experience all aspects of their joyful humanity.

The main difference between someone seeking help for a sexual problem and someone seeking out a sex worker is that the latter doesn’t actually want “help with a sexual problem”, no matter how many times they may claim that. The difference is clear because it’s usually a conversation laden with innuendo, aggressiveness, disrespect and disregard for my boundaries. They want my colleagues or I to have sex with them, full stop, which is not part of our job. On the other hand, we are happy to talk and answer genuine questions about healing related to sex.

Clients should be allowed to feel as comfortable as possible when asking for help with uncomfortable problems. Our clients give us the gift of being vulnerable with us, and in turn we healers listen intently, give them our best work and hold space for their healing. I am happy to help people heal from sexual dysfunction, without pearl-clutching or accusing the person of being inappropriate.

If you are suffering from an issue that is affecting your sex life, please do not hesitate to reach out. I promise you a healing environment which prioritizes your respect and well-being.

To your good health,

Jessica xoxo

PS – why are car selfies always the best pictures?