Talking to one of my students the other day: she said after learning healing skills and sharing those skills with others she feels “changed”. She said, “I was overcome with gratitude and wanted to cry. Is this normal? What is happening?”

I told her, “Yes, it’s absolutely normal, because in our culture we very rarely *allow* ourselves to take complete, unadulterated joy in someone else’s joy. It’s one thing to touch someone and help them feel better, but the ability to watch someone feel better in real time and be excited, be grateful, be joyful along with them — that is very special. We don’t always know how to allow ourselves to feel this because the culture thrives on us being separated, competitive, hierarchical. But healing gives us an opportunity to step outside of that conditioning and just be joyful alongside people.”

I love being a healer, and helping lift the next generation of healers. The fact that we actually get to build sustainable careers out of this is pure icing on the cake!