There have been a lot of ideas floating around in the ether about how to help small businesses like mine — who all of a sudden are having to shift completely online (and waaaay out of our comfort zones) — in this pandemic time. Obviously Venmo donations and purchasing gift certificates are wonderful and very valuable, but I want to highlight a few FREE things you can do as well. As sole proprietors, these small things can have a big impact:

1. Recommend/Review Us on Facebook — if you have never used the business’ services, that’s okay! Think about if they have offered you something of value — links, helpful book recs, videos that made you think. Do you find value in the meditation or class videos I offer on this page? Then you can leave some stars or a recommendation!

2. Invite Your FB Friends to ‘Like’ This Page — Al Gore invented the internet, that’s why everything runs off of Al Gore Rhythms. (I’m kidding.) But seriously, inviting your friends to like the pages of sole proprietor businesses is a great way to help businessowners like me get our information out to more people WITHOUT having to spend our money on advertising. I can’t stress enough how valuable this can be.

3. Review Us on Google — No lie, a Google review is worth its weight in gold. Well, how much do they weigh, really? I guess they are worth more than their weight in gold. I have so many clients who’ve said they booked a session based on my excellent Google reviews. I am so grateful to the people who review me! Again, if you’ve never used my services, you can still leave a review if you find value in my free videos or blogs. (I will put the link in the comments.)

4. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channels — Again, if you find value in the content your businessowner friends are creating, make it known to the Man Behind The Curtain by subscribing to our channels. It’s not much but it still matters. (Again, link in the comments.)

This is just a short list, compiled by someone (me) who doesn’t know much about online marketing and until recently made a very conscious decision NOT to put energy into building a huge social media presence. Still, these are great places to start — my fellow businessowners and I thank you!