TL;DR: Irony and fears about money.

I’m trying to put myself on a schedule of only doing 1-2 work “things” per day. Like all small business owners right now I do have moments where I freak out about money, and the weirdness of trying to find my footing in a virtual economy. I have been feeling the urgency to push out an online class (which I was actually working on pre-COVID) but it feels rushed now and forced and not-ready-for-prime-time. I’ve been pressuring myself, probably needlessly, for the last 15 days to create, create, create and just GET IT OUT THERE. Because I’m scared my income will dry up.

But I’m hitting pause on it, because I don’t like creating from a place of fear. Nothing I create from a place of fear will feel good, or be valuable. I can’t channel any guidance from Spirit when I’m worried about money. It doesn’t work that way.

Ironically, the class I was creating prior to all of this was about building a business from a place of faith, not fear. About disengaging from hustle culture and competitiveness and building a heart-centered practice where the focus is on the client’s needs, not your bottom line — because if your focus is on the client’s needs, everything else will fall into place.

I can’t believe I lost sight of that so hard in this moment of collective panic, but I’m glad to make my way back to that place of faith and slow, loving peace.

One more thing, having said all this I am going to be opening up a Zoom room this coming Thursday at 7 pm and again on Saturday morning to do a drop-in lesson on the chakra system. If you are interested, look for the link in your news feed, or better yet comment below so I can send it to you directly. I’m asking for a donation that feels comfortable to folks, but it’s not necessary to join.

Love you all. xoxoxo