COVID-19 changes to Reiki services:

Distance Sessions are still being scheduled.

– Session rates are $60/hour, $100 for intake sessions.

– All prices are flexible and can be lowered if the cost is a hardship.

In-Depth Reiki Practitioner Training is being taught live in a virtual

– In-person sessions will resume in May 2021.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website!  It’s nice to see you.

My name is Jessica Sharp and I am a Certified Reiki Master practicing Traditional Japanese Technique Reiki based in Laurel, MD.  I completed my Master Level certification in 2013 following a one-year training program, Jessica Sharp Reiki Practitionerand since then I have loved bringing the transformative healing power of Reiki to my clients.  I enjoy working on all types of ailments, but specialize in emotional and spiritual healing.

Please explore my website via the menu above to learn more about Reiki and decide if you are ready to feel empowered on your own wellness journey.


“… The most important gift that Jessica offers to the person who is on a spiritual path is her own signature touch, a special mix of empathy and insight, the way she tunes herself to the individual mind /body/spirit she is working with. Here she can assist in finding, and eventually dissolving, the heaviness of old blockages, old wounds and old behavioral patterns, while offering nurturing new energy to rebuild, expand, heal the physical, emotional and spiritual body.”  ~ Francesca C.

“Jessica is wonderful! No matter how much stress I walk in with, she always manages to bring me to a calm, relaxed state. She’s very caring, understanding, and compassionate and I felt comfortable with her immediately. I highly recommend her – she’s got a wonderful gift!” ~ Alyson C.