Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website!  It’s nice to see you.

My name is Jessica Sharp and I am a Certified Reiki Master practicing Traditional Japanese Technique Reiki based in Laurel, MD.  I completed my Master Certification in 2013 following a one-year training program, and since then I have loved bringing the transformative healing power of Reiki to my clients.  I own a private practice, and have also practiced Reiki in hospice settings and at George Washington University Hospital.  I enjoy working on all types of ailments, but specialize in stress relief, emotional balancing and spiritual healing.

I named my practice “Gentle Hands” because I find myself saying that a lot to my children, especially my little son.  As he explores the world around him he is simply bursting with excitement, and sometimes a little too forceful.  As I deepen my Reiki practice, I notice that we can all be a little too hard on our bodies and our souls sometimes.  It is my hope that my ‘gentle hands’ can both soothe my clients and inspire them to be gentle with themselves.

I’m also a wife, musician, avid weightlifter and mother to 2 children and 2 cats.

Please explore my website to learn more about Reiki and decide if you are ready to feel empowered on your own wellness journey.