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Understanding Your Energy

This previously live Class is in the process of being developed into a downloadable Online Series.

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This 5-week program will teach you about your energetic anatomy and sacred self.  Use this knowledge to help you take charge of your healing journey!

  • Week 1: Chakras
  • Week 2: How Emotions Hide in the Body
  • Week 3: The Divine Self
  • Week 4: Energy Cord Management
  • Week 5: Ho’oponopono
Reiki for self-development (5)

You are Sacred, and Divinely Loved.

About Your Instructor, Jessica Sharp

I completed my RMT certification in 2013 following a 1-year training program, and since then I have loved bringing the transformative healing power of Reiki to my clients and students. Even though I am technically a Reiki Master, I don’t use that term to describe myself because I am always growing in my skills and abilities.

Teaching Reiki is my passion and dharma, and I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and skills with people who would like to use these valuable skills in their own lives.

Please contact me at or 443-766-0894 if you have any other questions, and thank you!

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