All sessions are being done remotely until May 2021. Prices are flexible.

 Please note that sliding scale pricing and flexible treatment options are available if the listed price presents a hardship.

Intake Reiki Session ($100): A healing session in which I use Reiki to alleviate symptoms you are experiencing. We have a conversation about your reasons for visiting, then I work on your body for 45-60 min, then we talk afterward about all of the things I felt. This session usually takes between 90-120 minutes.

Distance Session ($60):  A general healing session where I will connect with a client’s energy distantly for healing.  The same amount of healing can result from a distance session as from a session done in-person.  I prefer to not be on the phone or Skype.  I contact the client afterwards with a report on the work done.

Soul Retrieval Ceremony ($199): This shamanic healing session involves reuniting soul fragments. Read more about Soul Retrieval here. This session includes an audio recording of the work.

Oracle Card Pull ($25): A Zoom, FaceTime or recorded reading of Keepers of the Light oracle cards. I channel wisdom from Spirit as part of this reading.

14-Card Tarot Spread ($77): Using round Motherpeace tarot cards, I create a 14-card spread to answer questions and channel wisdom from Spirit. Readings can be recorded or done via Zoom or FaceTime.

Pre- and/or Post-Surgical Reiki ($60):  A remote session of Reiki before or after surgery can be extremely beneficial for healing and speed recovery time.  Some surgeons, including Dr. Mehmet Oz of TV fame, even use Reiki practicioners in their operating rooms — a testament to the healing power of Reiki energy on the physical body.   I can see patients both before and after surgery to aid in recovery time. 

Corporate Reiki/Reiki for Events ($100/hour):  I will come to your office or party and offer 10- or 15-minute seated Reiki sessions to your employees or guests.  This is a wonderful opportunity to show your employees you care about their physical and mental health.  It also makes a fun amenity at parties, showers, athletic competitions and other events. (On hold due to COVID-19.)

Reiki for Expectant Mothers ($60): Pregnancy can be a wonderful, introspective time — and also very baffling and painful. I love practicing Reiki on expectant mothers and allowing them to feel nurtured and in touch with the beautiful work their body is undertaking. This is a Reiki session in which I will do some guided mediation with the mother as I work, in order to calm the mother’s mind and align mother and baby’s energies as I treat the mother’s body. This work can be done in my office or at home, please note price variances on the Rates and Hours page.

Reiki During Labor and Delivery ($250/5 hours.  $50 each additional hour):  I would be delighted to attend you as you undertake the most spiritually beautiful and physically taxing job your body will ever ask of you.  I can be with you at your preferred place of birth, whether it be a hospital, birthing center, or your home.

Post-Partum Reiki ($60):  Perhaps there is no other time as mentally and physically grueling for a new parent as post-partum.  I offer Reiki to new moms — and dads! — to cope with the strain of a new baby on one’s lifestyle.  These sessions can help balance hormonal changes and anxiety as well as ease the emotional and spiritual transition that comes with becoming a parent. I am offering these sessions remotely, on Zoom.

Distance Check-Ins ($45):  Sometimes our loved ones need help communicating their needs.  I have found that distance Reiki is helpful to monitor stress, hunger, thirst and pain levels for non-communicative or non-verbal people, such as those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, severe illnesses, people in comas and those with severe special needs.   These check-ins are quick and inexpensive and can be followed up with healing sessions of the family’s choice if desired.

Hospice Visits (free): Comforting our loved ones as they are transitioning from this life is a very important and honorable tradition. It is an honor I take very seriously. Reiki can help to alleviate pain and regulate breathing during the slow process. These visits are free.

Wedding Officiant Services ($200): As an ordained minister, I am available to officiate non-denominational wedding ceremonies. I can include energetic rituals the couple may resonate with, such as intentional cording, handfasting, or intentional witness (sacred call and response with the guests in attendance).