Here’s what satisfied clients are saying about Gentle Hands Reiki!

“Great experience and Jessica is a wonderful, kind and thoughtful Reiki practitioner. Would not go to anyone else!” ~Wen M.

“You’re the reason I believe in this stuff now!” ~ Kym F.

“I am beyond grateful that I was guided to Jessica for continued healing. Jessica is thorough and skilled in her sessions, and provides me with an accurate analysis of my physical and emotional well being presented with a wealth of empathy and understanding. As a reiki practitioner as well, I was so thrilled to find someone with her skill set- so much so that I am beginning my Reiki Master training with Jessica this fall. I look forward to learning from her, as well as continuing my healing and energy work with her guidance.” ~ Crystal A.

“Had my first session with Jessica on Friday and was not sure what to expect. After our session I felt energy flowing, especially in my legs, like I hadn’t experienced before. Left on a very high note and looking forward to returning for more sessions. Then, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday hit like a ton of bricks! However, I felt like I had an armor that I had never been there before. The negativity was bouncing off my and was able to keep my center. Thank you so much Jessica for being part of my support and my village.”  ~ Mark W.

“I totally love the service provided, professionalism, privacy, care, flexibility I received. I would give 10 stars if it was possible. Its rare to find a professional that is so caring and genuine. Thanks for doing what you are called to do!!!” ~ Sonya W.

“My experience at Gentle Hands Reiki is extremely positive. Jessica is working on my health from nine months now and I can absolutely say I have experienced a definite improvement in my overall health and emotional well being. My immunity system has strengthened, my energy levels are stable. I am going through a stressful time and Jessica has been an invaluable ally. Her kindness and empathy are beyond words. Her reiki is gentle but also very powerful and it can be recharging, cleansing or calming, grounding or balancing depending on how I am and feel in any session. Very intuitive and accurate in her work, Jessica is also always very careful about closing each session without leaving loose ends and enclosing me in a sort of “reiki blanket”. She can create for me to take away in my day a safe space where I can continuously feel the healing happening while everything that could damage is kept out. I found that Jessica can act very decisively when there is need to identify, cleanse and cut away any kind of negative, unhealthy or dangerous energy. The most important gift that Jessica offers to the person who is on a spiritual path is her own signature touch, a special mix of empathy and insight, the way she tunes herself to the individual mind /body/spirit she is working with. Here she can assist in finding, and eventually dissolving, the heaviness of old blockages, old wounds and old behavioral patterns, while offering nurturing new energy to rebuild, expand, heal the physical, emotional and spiritual body.”  ~ Francesca C.

“My 1st Reiki session was so beautiful and life-changing! Thank you again Jessica for helping me with my chakras. You helped me realize that I am worthy!!” ~ William F.

“Jessica is wonderful! She provides such a warm, caring and relaxing environment to receive Reiki. She genuinely cares about your experience and she puts all of her energy into every session. She is a gifted healer. Definitely go see her! 💖” ~ Emma K.

“Jessica is one of the most caring and spiritually adaptable people I’ve had the pleasure to commune with. Our Reiki healing sessions are often paradigm-shifting.” ~ Thomas G.

“I absolutely love Jessica both as a practitioner and a person. She has worked on both my daughter and I and her insights are always extremely on point and validating. Her work is helping me heal many traumas on my journey of spiritual and mental health. I cannot say enough good things about her!! Highly recommend ❤️” ~ Magda D.

“A gifted practitioner, Jessica is incredibly tuned to her clients. She provides a peaceful, healing atmosphere where acceptance and healing can begin.” ~ Merritt P.

“Skeptical? Yeah… I was too! I have chronic late stage Lyme Disease and a host of other debilitating health issues, as well as depression, anxiety and PTSD. I’d had a few reiki sessions before meeting Jessica, but without any benefit. I concluded that reiki (and energy work in general) was just a load of 💩! But Jessica, knowing my struggle, asked to work on me. It took her awhile to convince me, but I finally gave in and I’m so glad I did! Our very first session left me kind of mystified. My mind and body felt lighter almost immediately. Since then, she’s worked with me in person, and now from thousands of miles away. Her gifts are nothing short of amazing and her warmth and loving empathic nature is as sincere as it is rare! She’s not only made me a believer, but her work has made a very real and profound impact on my mind, body and soul. Jessica is a true healer! 🙏🏻 Give her a chance to help in your healing journey – you won’t be sorry! 💜” ~ Lisa C.

“I really do not have words for how powerful and supernatural my experience with Jessica was. I really had some emotional demons I had been carrying since I can remember (according to Jessica since I was born!), and Jessica literally cast them out with her Reiki healing. I am a new person. She healed my soul. I recommend purchasing the typed intake notes afterwards , they really provide a lot of insight as to what happened during your session and small things you may need to do afterwards to stay balanced. Jessica is a GOD send and has such loving energy. If you are on the fence, hop off and book her you really wont be disappointed.”  ~ T. C.

“Jessica is amazing! Reiki is a wonderful tool for so many things. If you’re considering contacting Jessica but are skeptical or hesitant, just do it! She has helped me a great deal with pain management and my overall sense of well-being. I highly recommend! ~ Emily S.

” Jessica, you are truly a magic worker. You not only solved my stress related issues but you took all my physical pain away as well. Your first in person session as well as the distance session was simply mind blowing, it just made me feel so much at peace.  I have never felt so much peace in my entire life. I was skeptical at first but your first session just made me a believer. Thank you for healing me and being so awesome. YOU ROCK !!” ~ Parag W.

“Today was my first day as a patient here. I was a bit nervous and didn’t know a lot about it as a whole. Even though I was a bit worried I had an excellent experience. There was a lot of care and professionalism during my appointment. I feel that progress and positivity evolved within myself from the beginning to the end of the appointment. I highly recommend Jessica! She is great, thorough and truly phenomenal at what she does.” ~ Luke G.

“Jessica was kind, gentle, and compassionate. My first reiki experience, and she spent time talking with me about what to expect and gave a summary afterwards of what she felt. I left feeling peaceful and relaxed.” ~ Hope H.

“Jessica is wonderful! No matter how much stress I walk in with, she always manages to bring me to a calm, relaxed state. She’s very caring, understanding, and compassionate and I felt comfortable with her immediately. I highly recommend her – she’s got a wonderful gift!” ~ Alyson C.

“The energy connection I have been able to make with you as my Reiki therapist is enriching my life and helping in my growth for the present. I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to spend time with you over the past several years has helped  me and supported me and has given me a new sense of who I am. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf and my gratitude goes to you and your work as a therapist. MANY THANKS, Namaste!” ~ Michael M.

“I have been struggling a bit with some mental health issues as well as some physical ailments and a ton of stress. After meeting with Jessica and receiving Reiki twice, I can honestly say it helped me tremendously. I felt extremely relaxed, safe and comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend getting some Reiki done with Jessica. She is not only a phenomenal practitioner but also an incredible person.” ~ Brooke Z.

“I was a bit skeptical, but have been having such a hard time with anxiety and depression that I wanted to give it a try. Jessica was amazing and put my anxiety to ease. I could feel a difference walking out than when I came in. I plan on going once a month. Jess’s loving spirit shines through and you can see her love for what she does. She truly cares about her clients and I am so grateful for her.~ Kate C.

Reiki helped me during a bout of depression. It feels wonderful. It uplifts the spirit. I plan to have more in the future as my schedule allows. I hope everyone has an opportunity to try it.”   ~ Lisa D.

“What an awesome experience to have found such skilled hands… Jessica, you are heaven sent.  I highly recommend your work to others, keep it up!”  ~ Christian G.

“One week from mini-session at Main St. Festival, I can report that I’ve only had 2 serious twinges of pain (as opposed to flare-ups every day starting at 11am and lasting all day). Whatever magic you laid on me seems to have really made a startling difference. Thank you, thank you!”  ~ Megan W.

“‘Gentle Hands’ is exactly what you receive from Jessica. Her brand of touch eases you into calm relaxation, leaving you feeling special, cared for, and warm. Reiki from Jessica is a wonderful yet powerful solution for relieving pain, stress and anxiety. An added bonus is Jessica’s easy after-care tips on how to gently care for yourself. A wonderful introduction to self-care. Powerful ….. I will be back.”  ~ Paula H.