I’ve been staring at a blank screen for five minutes, trying to come up with something to say that wouldn’t sound cliched or trite.  My mentor, friend and Reiki instructor, Greg Lemich, is moving soon to complete his doctoral studies.  Needless to say I’m ridiculously excited for him, but mostly I feel honored.  Feeling honored is something common now with Greg – we’ve been friends so long now that I remember the era before grad school ate his life, when it was just he and I sitting on the steps of our Reiki studio for hours after class, talking aboutDSC_3964-M life, energy and relationships long into the summer nights.  I remember when he told me he’d met a girl and I told him to not to move to fast, then I had the honor of proudly standing next to him as a “groomsgirl” at his wedding not long after.  He taught me for a year, then allowed me the honor of being an assistant teacher for 3 more rounds of mentoring and certifying new Reiki masters.

Now he and his wife are off to Norfolk, VA – luckily short enough for a distance but still far enough that Greg will have to pass on his caseload of clients.  I am beyond honored that he chose me to carry on his wonderful tradition of helping people heal themselves, and I pledge that I will do my best to respect this opportunity.  Mostly I am honored and grateful just to have a terrific friend like Greg – I am so grateful that the Universe brought us together and I feel honored to be part of your life!  Now go heal the world, Soon-To-Be-Dr. Lemich!