Reiki for Self-Care Workshop — Saturday, January 5th, 9 AM –  3 PM.  $200

Reiki for Kids (ages 9-12, co-ed) — Saturday, February 9th, 10:30 am – 2:30 pm.  $75

See below for detail on each!


Reiki for Self-Care Workshop

In this 5-hour workshop you will:reikihandonheart

  • learn the basic principles of Reiki
  • learn about the chakra system
  • receive a basic Reiki attunement
  • learn how to send energy to points on your body for stress relief and pain management
  • learn how to shield and protect your energy


You can use the skills learned in this workshop to help yourself, loved ones and pets.  The cost is $200.  Payment plans are always available.  Class is held at Neighborhood Acupuncture in Laurel, MD.  This is not a certification-level course.  Space is limited so reserve your spot today!  A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is required to reserve your space.  Please register here.



Reiki for Kids (ages 9-12, co-ed), $75

This is a self-care class designed to teach kids Reiki skills to help with stress management and pain relief.  45827548_887032751494179_1502646535307919360_o

Kids will:

  •  Learn about the nervous system
  • Learn about energetic movement
  • Learn about the chakra system
  • Receive a basic Reiki attunement
  • Practice sensing energy, including with magnetic crystals
  • Learn how to manage stress and emotion with Reiki techniques
  • Learn how to energetically ‘disconnect’ from bullies or difficult social situations
  • Learn how to protect and shield their own energy
  • Receive a book with coloring pages, a certificate of completion and two hematite crystals to take home

    Kids should bring a bag lunch.  Class is held at Neighborhood Acupuncture in Laurel.  Please register here.



In addition, here is a list of public Reiki shares to check out that are hosted by other practitioners: