(formerly ‘Reiki for Self-Development’)

The times, they are a’changin’ and this class is no different. Here are some updates to this workshop series:

  • Class is now open to anyone!
  • All classes will be in a Zoom conference room.
  • Cost is now $15 (not $99)
  • Classes will be held EVERY Thursday evening and Saturday morning, not once a month.
  • Topics will rotate through the 5 listed below.
  • Anyone can drop in to any class by clicking the link below.
  • All times are Eastern Standard Time

If you’re interested in joining me on Zoom to learn more about your energetic body, please contact me via the Contact Page. Stop by my Shop page to reserve your spot, or just click below:


These classes are for students interested in continuing their personal journey with Reiki by building on the healing skills introduced in Reiki for Self-Care, but who do not want to become professional Reiki practitioners at this time. (I only teach certification classes in a year-long format. For more on the certification-level course, visit this page.)

These classes will encompass a range of energetic techniques, such as attunements, guided meditations, sensing and sending energy, cord cutting techniques, and more — even creating symbols for personal use!

Where: Zoom Conference Room, wherever you are
When: Thursdays at 7 pm EST, Saturdays at 10 am EST
Cost: $15/class

Thank you so much for offering the classes. It was a truly deep experience. I am so, so grateful to have your help on my spiritual path.” ~ F. C.