Reiki for Kids classes are postponed until May 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns.


This is a self-care class designed for ages 5-8 to teach Reiki skills for stress management and pain relief.  56874506_288702718688728_2067436036107010048_n

Kids will:

  •  Learn about the nervous system
  • Learn about energetic movement
  • Learn about the chakra system
  • Receive a basic Reiki attunement
  • Create their own energetic symbols to use in intense emotional situations
  • Practice sensing energy, including with magnetic crystals
  • Learn how to manage stress and emotion with Reiki techniques
  • Learn how to energetically ‘disconnect’ from bullies or difficult social situations
  • Learn how to protect and shield their own energy
  • Receive a book with coloring pages, a certificate of completion and two hematite crystals to take home!Class Details:

– Every family is different, so parents are welcome to stay with their child for the entire class, or drop them off!  There is no extra charge for parents to attend, and each parent who attends will receive a Reiki attunement along with their child.

– All classes are $85/child.  Registration is not valid until a $25.00 non-refundable deposit has been received.

– All classes are 3 hours long.

56295370_569319966909937_1990977268821786624_nBooking Options:

–  Sign up for a class offered periodically (check the Events page)

  • –  Schedule a class for your child and your child’s friends.  This works as a weekend workshop, homeschool class or even a long-ish birthday party (use the contact form to        inquire about booking).

** A note about gender:  I strive to accommodate all children.  Some classes are co-ed and some are single-gender.  A child is welcome to attend any class they feel comfortable with and that matches their gender identity, including non-binary.  Use the contact form to inquire about upcoming classes or scheduling a class.

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