Now accepting registration for the Sept 2021 – June 2022 class.



This 100-hour online class meets 2.5 hours per week for 10 months.

Students graduate with all 3 certification levels — I, II and Master.

Date and time TBD, please check back for updates. Investment: $3300.00

Please read all FAQ below before registering.

Students will need a person or animal at home to practice with. If this is unavailable due to Covid-19 concerns, please let me know and we can work something out.

This comprehensive class offers certification in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I, Reiki II and Master Level, as well as consistent practice and support as students grow in their sensitivity and Reiki skills.  It is a course designed especially for people who want to become professional practitioners.  Students will receive 7 separate Reiki attunements, one for each chakra.  Topics include hand positions, symbols, embodying, extractions, shielding, ethics, how to open a Reiki business and more. 

Specific treatment topics will include trauma, addiction, the meridian system, how to treat cancer, auto-immune disorders, children, the elderly, women’s reproductive health and more.

Register here, but please read the FAQ, About Jessica and testimonial below as well.

Please read the following FAQ and policies before registering:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Wow, this seems a bit much.  Can’t I just get a Reiki certification in a weekend workshop?

A: Yes, of course you can.  This course is specifically for people who would like a career overhaul, perhaps to add Reiki to their current healing profession, or start a Reiki business.  This is complete, zero-to-Master level business training.  Students graduate with more practice hours and trauma-informed knowledge than many active practitioners in the state.

Q: Who should take this course?

A:  The class is designed for people who want to become professional Reiki practitioners, or who would like to add Reiki skills to their current career.  Obviously no one is obligated to become a practitioner after taking the course, but I try to maintain the class spots for people who are serious about eventually working with the public and who would benefit from in-depth training in that regard.

Someone who is simply curious about Reiki and would like to use the skills to help themselves and friends may benefit more from my Reiki for Self-Care workshops.  Visit the link to learn more.

Q: Why is this course so long?

A: Think of this almost like an apprenticeship.  This course is for people who want more information, support and practice than a weekend workshop can provide.  Some people find that when they become certified in Reiki via a one-day class, they still don’t feel confident enough in their skills to do much with it.  This class provides consistent, weekly opportunities to learn and practice.  Most students graduate feeling fully ready to pursue Reiki as a career or add Reiki practices to their current profession.

Also, working with the public requires practitioners to be very ethical and grounded in themselves.  This class covers ethics and allows for long-form self-exploration, giving students time to excavate and process their own shadows and ego-pitfalls.  This self-healing time allows them to be better healers of others later on.

Q: Why 7 attunements?

A:  Attunements strengthen and widen a person’s energetic core, which leads to better sensitivity.  By attuning each chakra, students gain more and more sensitivity in their hands and better insight into a client’s needs.  By going in-depth into each chakra via attunement and guided meditation, students also learn about themselves.  It is a self-healing environment that informs a student’s own practice.

Q: These attunements will be done remotely. Can distance attunements really work?

A: Short answer, yes. Long answer — I don’t believe distance attunements are the ideal way to be attuned, but we are living in a new reality because of COVID-19. Purists and gate-keepers will proclaim that distance attunements are illegitimate, and for a long time I agreed only because so many teachers use distance attunements as a get-rich-quick scheme. However, if the teacher is ethical a distance attunement is just as effective as distance Reiki.

Q: Do you teach all 3 levels of Reiki?

A:  Yes.  Students begin the year with 4 months of energy sensing and basic energetic manipulation (beaming, circuiting, etc.)  During this time, which is considered Level I, there are 4 attunements.  In December we go into Reiki II curriculum by learning the Power and Moon symbols and then learning how to add those into the tablework.  In February we go further into Reiki II by learning the distance symbol, distance healing and embodying.  Then in April we go into Master Level training by learning the Master symbol, how to attune and how to extract.

We also spend time learning emotional anatomy, trauma response, meridian systems, addiction response, techniques for treating specific diseases such as cancer and auto-immune disorders, how to work for children and the elderly, ethics, best business and marketing practices, and more.

Q: Do you teach Western-style hand positions or the Traditional Japanese Technique?

A: This class will teach hand positions, which is called Usui Shiki Ryoho. Because I can’t be in-person with my students (thanks, COVID) it is easier to teach the 12 hand placements. However, we will also cover intuitive movement, diagnostic sensing, circuiting, and deep aura cleansing.

Q: What if I already have a Reiki certification?

A: You are still welcome to take this class.  Some of my former students already had their Master Level certification from shorter workshops prior to taking this course, and discovered that they grew in their knowledge and skills.

Q: What if I want to drop out mid-way through?

A: First, I would encourage any student who feels frustrated with course material or their experience to talk to me.  Nothing is set in stone and I can adjust curricula to suit student’s needs.  Second, any student who drops out of class will still be charged the full amount for the year.

Q: What do I have to do to register?

A: First, I require that you have received at least one Reiki session.  One should definitely experience a healing modality at least once prior to registering to become a practitioner of that modality.  Receiving a Reiki session from any practitioner (it does not have to be me) is a pre-requisite to registering.

Second, fill out the registration form. Check back for updated information on registration. If the class is full you will be placed on a waiting list. (Anyone placed on the waiting list will have priority registration for next year’s class.)

If able to take the class, you will need to put down a $500.00 deposit to hold your place in the class.  This deposit is part of the tuition, and the remaining balance of the tuition may be paid in monthly installments. I am happy to work with students to develop a monthly payment plan that works for them, and together we will sign a separate contract agreeing to the terms of the monthly payment plan. A PayPal request for the $500 deposit will be sent after registration confirmation.  YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOUR DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED.

Third, I will schedule a virtual hang out with you so we can discuss your goals with taking the class and get to know each other. By registering, you are expected to complete the full course to the best of your ability.  You are also expected to conduct yourself ethically as you learn and practice.  (Real talk: this means, I am only taking 5 students and I *really* don’t want someone to register only to drop out halfway through, or who is more concerned with their own ego than helping the public.  This meeting is to gauge your commitment.  If I don’t feel you are serious enough, or that you are too arrogant to conduct yourself with necessary ethics I reserve the right to rescind your registration and will refund 50% of your deposit.  /legal-type blathering)

About the Instructor, Jessica Sharp

I completed my RMT certification in 2013 following a 1-year training program, and since then I have loved bringing the transformative healing power of Reiki to my clients and students.   Even though I am technically a Reiki Master, I don’t use that term to describe myself because I am always growing in my skills and abilities.

Teaching Reiki is my passion and dharma, and I absolutely LOVE teaching in a long format because it allows me to go so deep into the lessons I’ve learned over 7 years of being a professional practitioner and pass that depth of knowledge and experience on to my beloved students.

Please contact me at or 443-766-0894 if you have any other questions, and thank you!

Here’s a testimonial from one of my first students!:

“I definitely recommend Jessica’s Comprehensive Reiki Practitioner Training to anyone interested in learning Reiki. It’s the perfect class for those interested in starting a Reiki practice or for those seeking self-growth. The training program is just as it is called – comprehensive! She covers Reiki techniques and so much more that is involved with learning a healing modality. Not only did we learn the techniques of the traditional Japanese style of Reiki, but she covers case studies, techniques used for common ailments and issues, ethics, guidelines for working with different demographics (children and the elderly), tips for running a Reiki practice successfully, and more…. However, the mentorship throughout the year was the most valuable aspect in my opinion. Jessica is right along side you for the entire year and is a wonderful teacher and mentor. After completing this class, I feel more than prepared to accomplish my goal of being a Reiki practitioner! Thank you, Jessica!”  ~ Emily S.