** The Sept 2018 – June 2019 Comprehensive Reiki course has already started.  I am accepting reservations for the Sept. 2019 – June 2020 course.  Please use the contact form to express your interest. **

(Also known as Usui Ryoho/Traditional Japanese Technique)reikimandala

September 2019 – June 2020

Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:30 pm


Neighborhood Acupuncture, 345 Main Street, Laurel, MD

This in-depth class offers certification in Reiki I, Reiki II and Master Level, as well as consistent practice and support as students grow in their sensitivity and Reiki skills.  Students will receive 7 separate Reiki attunements, one for each chakra.  Topics include symbols, embodying, extractions, shielding, ethics, how to open a Reiki business and more.  Students will participate in tablework during every class.  Students will also have to complete 2 written exams, one practical exam and 25 practice hours.

Please read the following FAQ and policies before registering:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this course so long?

A: Think of this almost like an apprenticeship.  This course is for people who want to pursue Reiki as a profession or side business, and would like more information, support and practice than a weekend workshop can provide.  Some people find that when they become certified in Reiki via a one-day class, they still don’t feel confident enough in their skills to do much with it.  This class provides consistent, weekly opportunities to learn and practice.  Most students graduate feeling fully ready to pursue Reiki as a career or add Reiki practices to their current profession.

Also, the Reiki techniques taught in this course are not a simple series of hand positions.  Instead, we teach Usui Ryoho, a more diagnostic approach that requires being able to sense and manipulate energy in more than one way.  Every person is capable of tuning in to this sensitivity, but it takes longer than a one-day class.


Q: Why 7 attunements?

A:  Attunements strengthen and widen a person’s energetic core, which leads to better sensitivity.  By attuning each chakra, students gain more and more sensitivity in their hands and better insight into a client’s needs.  By going in-depth into each chakra via attunement and guided meditation, students also learn about themselves.


Q: Do you teach all 3 levels of Reiki?

A:  Yes.  Students begin the year with 4 months of energy sensing and basic energetic manipulation (beaming, circuiting, etc.)  During this time there are 4 attunements.  In December we go into Reiki I curriculum by learning the Power and Moon symbols and then learning how to add those into the tablework.  In February we branch out into Reiki II by learning the distance symbol, distance healing and embodying.  Then in April we go into Master Level training by learning the Master symbol, how to attune and how to extract.


Q: What if I already have a Reiki certification?

A: You are still welcome to take this class.  Some of my former students already had their Master Level certification from weekend workshops prior to taking this course, and discovered that they grew in their knowledge and skills.


Q: Why all the exams?

A: The written exams are simple questions about Reiki history, Reiki principles and ethics, and to make sure you know how to properly draw the symbols.  The practical exam, where each student will work on me, is for me to gauge how well the student manipulates energy.  The 25 practice hours are for students to work on family and friends outside of class time, to get a chance to feel different energies and to get comfortable with sharing and talking about Reiki to a variety of people.


Q: What do I have to do to register?

A: First, fill out this form.

Second, put down a $200.00 deposit to hold your place in the class, which will be rolled over as your first month’s tuition.  A PayPal request for the deposit will be sent after you fill out the registration form.

Third, I will schedule an informal get-together with you where we will discuss the class and your goals in taking it over coffee.  By registering, you are expected to complete the full course to the best of your ability. (Real talk: this means, I am only taking 4 students and I don’t want someone to register only to drop out halfway through.  This meeting is to gauge your commitment.  If I don’t feel you are serious enough I reserve the right to rescind your registration and will refund 75% of your deposit. /legal-type blathering)


Please contact me at 443-766-0894 if you have any other questions, and thank you!