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I am a Certified Reiki Master practicing Traditional Japanese Technique. I trained for one year at The Cleansing Breath under the wonderful tutelage of Greg Lemich and received my Master Certification on April 30, 2013. I look forward to bringing the transformative power of Reiki to a wider and wider audience.

Important Changes Coming in Mid-July

The summer of 2019 marks my 4th year of full-time Reiki practice, and it's been a wonderful adventure building this business to the level it is today.  As always, it's important to reflect on what's working well and what is... Continue Reading →

In the Past 3 Days…

I'm having a wonderful week and wanted to put it out there, but only on this blog that, like, 7 people read so it feels less grandiose and attention-seeking. Simply put, I am one of the luckiest people alive to... Continue Reading →

Deferred Payment, Discounts for Federal Employees During the Shutdown

During the government shutdown (the current one or any in the future), any federal employee can schedule a Reiki session.  Payment will not be due until that employee receives their backpay, and the rate will be discounted to $40 (from... Continue Reading →

Reiki for Kids!

I like to start my blogs with a story.  Here's a short one: Once upon a time (a few weeks ago), my daughter was getting bullied at school for "being a witch" because I was teaching her Reiki for self-care.... Continue Reading →

In Which I Get It So Wrong. Like, So, So Wrong.

You know that feeling when your ass gets CALLED OUT and then you feel like you have to question everything?  And then the embarrassment creeps in, like "how could I have gotten it so wrong?" Oh, honey.  Pull up a... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness as a F@%! You

A few weeks ago I wrote about refusing to be grateful for deep, traumatic abuses in our lives.  In that post I wrote that "forgiveness and acceptance are important."  I don't dispute the importance of forgiveness, but just like with... Continue Reading →

The Art of Not Being Grateful

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude! Be grateful for the challenges in your life!  They made you who you are today! Gratitude is everything! These phrases are, on face value, kind of true.  In most cases, we can be grateful for... Continue Reading →

“The Moon Doesn’t Rush to Get Full”

A few weeks ago I was working with a client whose energy held a desire to just hurry up and get through an uncomfortable, sad process. We were both in awe-surprise when the Divine dropped this message into my brain:... Continue Reading →

Untangling the Mystery of “Surrender”

What do you think about when you hear the word "surrender"? For some, it is a scary word that conjures images of, say, being mugged and giving up your wallet to a robber with a gun.  In this context, it... Continue Reading →

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