I’m having a wonderful week and wanted to put it out there, but only on this blog that, like, 7 people read so it feels less grandiose and attention-seeking.

Simply put, I am one of the luckiest people alive to have the job that I have.  In the last 3 days:

  • One client emailed to say that she turned down a job offer, even though it would pay more, because after working with me she understands signals from her body in a new way and her body was telling her “no”.
  •  One client sent me a photo of her 5-year-old daughter, whom I’d just taught in a Reiki for Kids class, teaching a Reiki class to her stuffed animals.
  •  One client emailed to tell me she had smiled at her own reflection for the first time since childhood and thanked me for helping her feel comfortable in her own skin.
  •  One client, an African-American woman, told me she suddenly felt comfortable wearing her hair naturally because we have been working together on reclaiming her identity.

I am gobsmacked.  I am so lucky.  I am so very, very grateful to the Universe for bringing these healing skills and these people into my life.  xoxoxo