After much thought and realizing that my sessions are generally taking 75 minutes rather than an hour, the rate for regular sessions will be $75 each starting on December 1, 2016.

I love to sit down with a client after giving them a full hour of Reiki and go over, in detail, what I felt in their energetic body.  This can help them understand the correlations between their energy and their physical and mental health.  In doing so, our sessions tend to run longer.  I don’t want to decrease the time I spend actually helping someone just so I have more time talking about how I’m helping them, so sessions are going to be officially 75 minutes to allow for out-take and the price will rise in kind.

However!  Prices for existing clients will remain the same, and for any new clients who book prior to 12/1/16 their price will remain at $60/session also.  If you have been curious about Reiki but reluctant to try, now is the time to check it out and be grandfathered into the lower price.

And while we’re on the subject of price, let’s talk about how and why I set my prices.  Bottom line, I don’t charge for the Reiki.  Yes, this sounds weird, but I don’t charge for the Reiki, because it is something that everyone could learn to do.  It’s something that exists, that is Universal and is part of everyone.  What I do charge for is my time and expertise — the ability to feel what is going on in your energetic body and subconscious, to help you understand what is happening in your energetic body and therefore the physical, and I believe $75 for 75 minutes is a fair price.

Now, probably the most important info of all:  I am still going to work on a sliding scale.  So yes, rates are going up, but since Reiki is not covered by insurance I am happy to work with my clients who have financial hardship.  I do this work to help people feel good, not to get rich.  I would rather see a client on a regular basis for $45/session than once every few months for $75.  So the regular rates will go up in December, but if $75 per session is out of your budget, please call anyway.  I will work with you.

Again, please book now to have your rate locked in at $60 for 75 minutes, and tell your friends!

Blessed be.